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Be The Change

Happy Friday, friends! I wanna share a few thoughts I had on my mind this morning. I woke up before my alarm went off (which is rare) and grabbed my phone to see what all I had missed in the few hours I slipped into a mini coma from a long day of work, finishing up my new EP. I opened a few different social media apps and within minutes, I realized I was starting to get angry from the nonsense I was watching from people all over the world that felt the need to post acts of hatred. Grown ups fighting in parking lots and in shopping malls, young teenagers stealing purses from little old ladies that were only trying to have a little retail therapy with their small social security check that they have to stretch just to make sure their bills are taken care of and see that food is put on the table. I could go on and on about different situations, but you get the picture. 

There’s a lot of things in life we don’t understand, and a lot of things that we’ll never have answers to in this lifetime, but I try to look at situations from all perspectives and find the good in everyone. My heart broke, and I stsrted trying to find compassion for all these folks committing these hate crimes….How did they grow up? Was there a father or at least a father figure to show these “kids” how to be a man and how to respect the people around you and how to act in society? Were they thrown in foster care and never shown love in a stable home? You never know what these people have seen in their lifetime to make them think, this is appropriate behavior. 

As Christians, we’ve got to stop judging from the outward appearance or from someone's actions…..dig a little deeper. There’s good in everyone, sometimes you have to give them a little more time. Be an example of how you should act, how you should respect others, and most importantly, how to love. God is LOVE. So you know what that tells me? We’re not showing enough of it for there to be a change in this world. We’re not standing up for the ones around us. We’re not acting enough on what we’re preaching. There’s a whole world of hurting, broken people that just need to be loved on. Love is the answer to so many things that are wrong in this world. Stop causing division and forget who believes towards the left and who believes towards the right. None of that matters at the end of the day.

I truly believe the #1 cause of depression and anxiety is the lack of love and support we show each other. Let’s all get back to the stuff that matters. Family reunions (talk to the ones no one else wants anything to do with….that’s what Jesus would do, right?) Sunday dinners, family vacations, group texts with family, (encourage, uplift, and support one another) game nights with friends, etc. Forgive the one that hurt you fifteen years ago and you've wasted nothing but time. People change. Quit judging someone over something they did while they were in a bad place. Let the drama go. None of that stuff helps you in life, it just weighs you down. I challenge you to laugh more. Hug more. Listen more. Don’t wait until the next funeral to see your family. Make memories while you have the chance. Live all you can while you’re on this side of the dirt. Post that stuff on social media. That’s what we need to see. That’s what is gonna make a change in our world. 

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